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Starting from the 1st of January 2018, a new European Regulation (n.1286/2014) will become effective. This regulation has the aim to increase transparency on financial instruments, inform customers of potential risks and help investors understand the complex language of financial products.

The regulation requires product manufacturers to prepare a Key Information Document («KID») for Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products («Priips products»), sold to Retail classifed clients under Mifid.

The KID introduces a common standard for setting out retail investor information for a wide range of Priips and enables retail investors to understand and compare the key features, risks, potential future performance and costs of Priips, thus enabling retail investors to make informed investment decisions.

Manufacturers of retail investment and insurance products and persons advising on, or selling, those products to retail investors are responsible for assessing which products must comply with the provisions of Regulation 1286/2014.

Costs shown on KID and in the cost grid represent a reasonable estimate of maximum aggregated costs that a client might incur under normal market conditions. Where calculating costs and charges on an ex-ante basis, the Bank has used actually incurred costs as a proxy for the expected costs and charges.
In some cases, the effective Costs and Charges may be higher than as indicated in the Costs and Charges grid or in the KID posted on this website (i.e. KIDs for Flexi Forwards, FX Forwards, FX Swaps and Non-Deliverable Forwards). In such case, your Global Markets representative shall inform you thereof prior to executing the transaction(s).
When dealing or offering Flexi Forwards, FX Forwards, FX Swaps and Non-Deliverable Forwards presented on this website, note that costs related to investment and/or ancillary services and third party payments paid or received both amount 0% (0€).

What you will find here?

In accordance with the Priips regulation, BNPP SA makes available to Retail clients on this website section, the KIDs for the following financial instruments :

  • - Buy/Sell forward of Currencies (FX Forwards);
  • - Buy/Sell forward of Non Deliverable currencies (FX Non Deliverable Forwards);
  • - Currencies Swaps (FX Swap).
  • - Flexiterm (FX FLEX).
  • For each type of financial instruments, BNPP SA has published KIDs for a range of standard maturities (3 months, 6 months, 12 months and 18 months) and for more than 90 currency pairs.

    The costs mentioned in the KID are the maximum potential costs applicable to each type of financial instruments.

    These KIDs are refreshed overnight and updated daily on this website.

    BNP Paribas SA asked its customers to read carefully the product related KID, that they are intended to potentially trade, in order to well understand and assess the financial instruments’ features and its related risks, in order to be in a position to take an informed investment decision.

    In order to retrieve the KID applicable to you, please fill in appropriately the fields below. Please be sure that you have read the KID applicable to you before trading.


    PDF Document:

    Actual URL ()

    In particular, in order to help you to select the right fields, you can use the following dropping menu :

    • - PRODUCT: you need to select the right product type (for example: FX FORWARD);
    • - CURRENCY PAIR: you need to select the appropriate currency pair (for example : EUR -Devise 1\USD - Devise 2);
    • - TENOR: You need to select the closest product maturity of the one you are considering to trade;
    • - LANGUAGE: You need to select the language, in which you would like to retrieve the KID;
    • - BUY: You need to select « BUY » if you are considering to buy the Currency 2;
    • - SELL: You need to select « SELL » if you are considering to sell the Currency 2.
    For example, if you would like to buy US Dollar (USD) versus Euro (EUR) in 3 months’ time, you need to select the following options from here above mentioned fields :
        1.	Click on the Product field and select  “FX Forward” ;
        2.	Click on the Currency Pair field and select “EUR\USD”;
        3.	Click on Tenor field and select “3 months”;
        4.	Select the field  “Buy”.
    On the contrary, if you are considering to sell US Dollar (USD) versus Euro (EUR), in 3 months’ time, you need to select the filed “Sell”.
    Once finished please click on the «Search» button. 
    For any complementary information :
    Should you experience any issue with the above procedure, please contact your relationship manager or sales representative. 
    In case you need previous versions of these KIDs please contact your relationship manager or sales representative who will be happy to help. 

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